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THESIS GUIDELINES for Writing Qualitative Research : CASE STUDY

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“Can I ϐinish my thesis on time using a Qualitative approach this
semester?”; “Isn’t Qualitative Research more time-consuming than
Quantitative Research?”; “I don’t understand Qualitative Inquiry”; “How
to be rigor in Qualitative study to generate insightful ϐindings?”; “What
is Case Study research strategy?” These are the concerns you may be
asking before deciding to embark on a Qualitative study – applying a Case
Study research strategy – for your thesis. This book provides clear and
coherent instructions of chapter-by-chapter and step-by-step guidance
with samples that ignites the understanding of what to do next while
explaining the reasons behind the writing developments of your thesis. In
addition, there are pointer notes in certain sections of the book to provide
a heads-up for you, thus expediting your thesis writing. Ultimately, as a
student, you will be ϐirmly conϐident in engaging in the interpretative
paradigm, preparing the Case Study research strategy, setting up the
protocols to collect data, analyzing the data, constructing theory, and
explaining the insights of your ϐindings that are beneϐicial to academicians
and practitioners. Last but not least, wishing you all the success in your
Qualitative Research. May you enjoy the journey and ϐind fulϐillment in
your insightful discoveries!

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Dr. Jacob Donald Tan, B.B.A., M.B.A.
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