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TKR.01.029 Trainer Audio Video Mobil - Advance

Rp 50,094,000

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Panjang: 100cm, Lebar: 50cm, Tinggi: 140cm "Audio & video installation system trainer, which can be used to simulate various models of audio & video installations on cars. Using new components. The display table is equipped with symbols and names of each component. Player function: TV, Radio, USB, CD, DVD. Can play audio & video in DVD, VCD, CD, MP3, MPEG format. Video equipment: Head unit, camera, antenna. Audio equipment: 2 Tweeter sets, 4 speaker sets, sub-woofer, cross over. Other equipment: Power amplifier, remote control, RCA jack, banana jack, fuse, 12 V battery. Mounted on Steel Stand body finished by powder coating painted, with castors."

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