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TBSM010 Motorcycle Body Electrical Simulator

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Panjang: 100cm, Lebar: 50cm, Tinggi: 140cm "The simulation model of motorcycle body electrical with DC ignition system. The unit consist of new components. Lighting system simulation : Activation the lights by central switch. The activated lights indicator will be displayed on instrument cluster. Ignition system simulation : Firing appearance at spark plug. The firing speed can be controlled at various speed levels and displayed on tachometer. Charging system simulation : Battery charging. Starting system simulation : Starter motor activated by starter switch. Dashboard simulation : Ignition switch indicator, beam light indicator, sign light indicator, movement at fuel tank volume level. Other equipments : Wiring diagram, instrument cluster, spark plug, regulator, lamps, tachometer, fuse, switch, starting motor, electric motor 220 V, battery 12 V. The model frame made of hollow steel, finished by powder coating painted and equipped with caster wheels."

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