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Mechanics Of Fluids (5e)

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erstand aspects of fluid mechanics. The book presents numerous phenomena that are often not discussed in other books, such as entrance flows, the difference between wakes and separated regions, free-stream fluctuations and turbulence, and vorticity. NEW SECTION DISCUSSES THE CONTROL VOLUME ANALYSIS OF WIND TURBINES. This new material in Chapter 4 now uses the momentum equation and definitions of wind power and turbine efficiency to introduce the control volume analysis of wind turbines. The authors have added actual examples from the field and common problems on wind turbines to better prepare students for typical challenges. NEW SECTION REVIEWS THE AERODYNAMIC ANALYSIS OF ROTATING WIND TURBINE BLADES. This new discussion in Chapter 4 teaches students to calculate the lift, drag, normal, tangential, thrust forces and torque on an airfoil. New real-life examples and problems are integrated into the material to demonstrate common applications. REVISED COVERAGE HIGHLIGHTS COMPUTATIONAL FLUID DYNAMICS. This material in Chapter 14 now includes additional completed examples that demonstrate how to use numerical methods to solve transient and steady state fluid flow problems. The chapter offers ideal content for either an advanced undergraduate fluid mechanics course or introductory graduate course. Kategori(Sub): Teks Non Ekonomi (Teknik) ISBN: 978-979-29-9854-2 Penulis: Potter - Wiggert - Ramadan (CENGAGE) Ukuran⁄Halaman: 20.5x24 cm² ⁄ 816 halaman Edisi⁄Cetakan: I, 1st Published Tahun Terbit: 2019 Berat: 2040 gram Harga: Rp 393.500,- Harga Buku Zona 1 (Pulau Jawa, Bali, NTB, Lampung, Palembang) : 393.500 Harga Buku Zona 2 (Aceh, Medan, Pekanbaru, Padang, Batam, Pulau Kalimantan, Pulau Sulawesi, NTT) : 443.000 Harga Buku Zona 3 (Maluku, Papua) : 492.000

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