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English For Academic Purposes, A Successful Way To Learn Scientific English

Penulis: Jonathan Sarwono Dan Yudhy Purwanto | Tahun Terbit: 2013

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Buku English For Academic Purposes, A Successful Way To Learn Scientific English dapat anda dapatkan di toko buku Andi Publisher terdekat di kota anda, atau dibeli melalui website toko buku online kami This book consists of three parts: reading, writing and vocabulary. Part I includes 1) reading strategies, namely scanning, surveying the text, using the title, skimming, intensive reading, and extensive reading; 2) understanding texts, namely understanding text structure, understanding conceptual meaning, identifying reference in a text, substitution and ellipsis, conjunction, lexical cohesion, and using repetition; 3) summarizing and note taking, namely synthesis, taking notes; 4) critical reading. Part II includes 1) process of writing; 2) researching the essays; 3) organizing the essay: the essay definition, the essay organization, rhetorical function, paragraph, main ideas and supporting details, signaling/coherence, and cohesion; 3) reporting: paraphrase, summary, synthesis; 4) genre: an essay, how to write report, a case study, research proposal, book review, literature review, reflective writing, writing introduction, research report method, writing conclusion, writing an abstract, and writing references using APA. Part III includes 1) vocabulary building, namely knowing the roots, learning prefixes and suffixes; 2) dictionary use; 3) using the Internet to learn vocabulary; and 4) strategies to build vocabulary capabilities. ISBN :978-979-29-4086-2 Jumlah Hal :xii+228 Ukuran : 19x23 Edisi : i
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