A Challenging Book To Practice Teaching In English

Penulis: Sutanto Leo | Tahun Terbit: 2013

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ISBN :978-979-29-3927-8 | Jml Hal :xii+276 | Ukuran : 16x23 | Edisi : i | Zona 1 :86000 | Zona 2 : 95000 | Zona 3 : 107500 | There are more and more non-english teachers whotaech in non-English speaking countries. Since they do not have English background, they have no courage to speak, find difficulties to express there ideas, and are not confident of speaking. A challenging Book to Practice Teaching in English is a course book designed not only for non-English teachers who have no English background and strive to teach in English but also for English teachers who want to help their colleagues to practice using English in teaching and atudents of teachers colleges who intend to teach in English. This book have been deeply though to focus on: starting to use Englisah, striving better pronunciation,being aware of common mistake, exploring theory of teaching, planning a lesson, garnishing a teching presentation, given project assignments, attempting to manage a better class, evaluating a teaching performance, and developing a teaching profession. A Challenging Book to Practice Teaching in English is a course book designed by an academician. His academic experience has been poured into this very practical book. In addition, these materials have been tried out by some groups of non-English high School teachers and other groups of non- English lecturers at STP Bandung
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